Restaurant Reviews: Koyi Sushi (Minneapolis)

Koyi Sushi moved from its downtown location to Franklin Avenue (at the old Seward Co-op building) which is about a block or two from one of our rental properties. It is a welcome addition to the Seward neighborhood which currently has slim pickings for dining places. The location is good as it is close to the LRT however, the view from the window(s) is facing a Holiday Gas station. 😦

We went there on a Friday night and it’s not busy at all. We got seated right away and I breathed a sigh of relief as patience isn’t my strongest virtue. 😉

Looking at the menu, it seems pretty extensive and kind of confusing at the same time — it contains Japanese food,some Korean and some Thai with the latter not making a lot of sense as True Thai (which is so popular in that neighborhood) is only about six blocks away. But oh well. 🙂

We ordered Spicy Tuna (too finely ground for my taste), Shrimp Tempura Entree (wonderful), Beef Kalbee (husband thinks it delicious) and then Green Tea Ice cream for dessert (will return just for this). 🙂

Overall, we had a wonderful experience — it helps that our server was so nice. We may have to come back again to try more maki’s and sushi… Next time! 🙂


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