Review: Caribou Coffee: Oatmeal Reinvented?

I was running late this morning hence I wasn’t able to eat my most important meal of the day at home. Anyway, since there is a Caribou Coffee inside the building where I work, I decided to just grab something from there. I said to myself that it will give me the chance to give that new offering a try anyway — the “Handcrafted Oatmeal”.

So there I was — ordering 7-grain with maple-brown sugar (oatmeal) from the friendly staff at Caribou Coffee and paid $2.95 + tax. I headed back to my cubicle with this 12 oz cup in my hand.

Opening the lid, I was a little bit disappointed as the serving was a little bit measly (probably just half to about a third of the 12 oz. cup). I just shrugged that off and said to myself that maybe it’s the “food-god” (or maybe the diet-god) wanting me to cut back on what I put in my mouth. 😉

First slurp was wonderful and yes, the hype was true, it tasted nothing like what is prepared at home. I devoured the entire content of that cup in 6 minutes flat and I was satisfied (taste-wise). However, as I scraped the bottom, I saw and tasted the powder that is really familiar — malt powder? I am hoping that I am wrong.

Hmmm, if that is the secret ingredient, I don’t see myself buying this again. In fact, as the oatmeal sat in my tummy, it dawned on me, too, that the 2.95 + tax that I paid can buy an entire can of Quaker’s Oatmeal. I’ll stick to that from this point on. 😉



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