Other JZ Cooked, too: Risotto Chicken Alfredo

My husband, JZ, requested a Wolfgang Puck digital pressure cooker for Christmas and being the (food) loving wife that I am ;), I obliged and gave it to him as one of his gifts but with some skepticism that he will use it on his own.

Surprisingly, tonight, he volunteered to cook our dinner instead of going out. He told me that he’s making Risotto Chicken Alfredo using his new toy. I just gave him a big smile.  😀

As much as I want to share the recipe, I don’t think I will be able to. All I know is that there’s grain, alfredo sauce, chicken breast, peas, some parmesan cheese and yes, pink peppercorn! I ask him why the latter and he just said “most of the dishes on the food network seem to have it, might as well try it.” Hmmm, gutsy! I love that. (we are watching too much TV and food network)

The verdict — the dish was ready in 20 minutes (thanks to Wolfgang Puck), the texture is good though a bit thick for me, the smell is awesome and lastly, the taste is so rich, creamy and really delish! YUM YUM YUM!

I am looking forward to more of his cooking and maybe I can find out where he’s getting his recipes, too. 😀


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