Recipes: Avocado Spinach Green Tea Smoothies

I do not consider myself a health buff when it comes to dieting — it’s actually far from reality as I usually tell people I eat like a truck driver. 😀

However, for tonight (and for some other reason I don’t want to divulge :D), I found myself craving for healthy smoothies so with that, I stopped by at Lunds after my hip-hop class to buy avocado and yes spinach. 😉  I chose avocado because I still find it a little weird to mix spinach with, let’s say, the berries family. 😉  I also added the matcha green tea as an afterthought.  It turned out so great so I decided to share it here.

Ingredients with Calorie Count:

Half Small Avocado – 143 (“good” fat 117)

1/2 cup soy milk – 40 (I used Silk Light Vanilla)

1/2 cup spinach –  7

1 tbsp whey protein powder – 40

1 1/2 tsp matcha green tea –  3

1/2 cup ice –  0


Total – 233

Mix all the ingredients in the blender. Blend it for about 1-2 minutes or until everything is blended. Pour it in a tall glass and then enjoy with no guilt at all! 🙂

TIP for the DAY: If your local grocery store has salad bar, head on there to grab some of the greens. Today, I paid only 0.56 for about 4 cups of spinach. 😀


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