200 and Under Calories – Nilagang Baka

With the intent of eating clean and healthy which we started at the beginning of this year, I recreated a Filipino dish, “Nilagang Baka.” 🙂

The original recipe is, in it’s own way, already healthy but it largely depends on the choice of the cut of beef. Most Filipinos will use the center cut of the shanks that holds the most bone marrow – and while it’s very delicious, it has a very high fat (and calorie) content.


For my version, I use a 90% lean cut so overcooking this isn’t an option. 🙂

I cooked this the way I learned it from grandma and that is just winging it. If you are interested to make it, you can ‘google’ ‘Nilagang Baka / Beef’ and you will find plenty of hits. The key to keeping it under 200 calories is portion control and again, the choice of meat… And yes, be careful with your salt use (or patis for some). 🙂

Happy Eating!


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